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StartGen Features

As you interact with increasing amounts of information, the tools and processes used determine whether you are surfing the oceans of data or drowning

LOB Access

Streamline access to web hosted line of business sites.

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Power Search

Acccess a multitude of internal and external LOB search engines from a single launch point.

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Power Browsing

Post links/notes to personalized cloud knowledge base accessible by you or your team in the blink of an eye via StartGen or SmartMenu.

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Mobile Access

Create personalized start pages for use by both desktop and mobile browsers.

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  • Design a popup menus with StartGen and publish to access from your PC or mobile device as a start page for quick access to frequently used information resources.
  • Search multiple sites from a single start page.
  • Open multiple web pages in one window with one click.
  • Sql data-driven menu options dynamically populated directly from internal or Azure SQL databases.
  • Video Overview.
  • Download here.
Mobile Access

$19.95 / year

  • Create a digital business card and share links, notes and checklists with prospective customers.
  • Consolidate all frequently used links, searches and checklists into a useful start page for your department, club or networking group.
  • Shows up as a branded icon on your phone or table when saved to your home screen.
  • Create personalized dashboard that consolidates information from multitude of LOB search engines with one click in a single window.
  • Simple HTML5 Hosted web client compatible with all modern mobile browsers

Publish your StartGen start pages to the cloud for mobile access

Create a mobile start page app in minutes using StartGen. Click the screen shot to see this sample mobile start page app in action.

Create start page apps for personal use and / or share with others via text message, email or Tweet.

Free 30 day trial of the mobile hosting included with StartGen registration.

Multiple start pages can be authored with StartGen. One for your desktop at work, one for your personal use on your smart phone and one for each group or club you work with.

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