SmartMenu Enterprise Features

Increase your company's information metabolism - the speed at which you access vital information when and where it is needed

Share knowledge

Quickly share text or images by copying them to the clipboard and pressing the "Alt + Windows" keys. The content should automaticall fill in. Specify who can see the post and click Save.

SmartMenu's autofind feature reaches to the knowledge after you type the 3rd character, assuming it finds less than 12 items that match the criteria in the local SmartMenu. If there are too many matches, just press the ENTER key and it will only show matches from the knowledge base on the screen that appears.

Each user can "Pin" frequently used knowledge base items to their SmartMenu for even faster access.

Share MenuSets

Jumping directly to specific order#, project#, or bug# on an LOB site is so much faster with SmartMenu, you will wonder why you haven't been using it all along.

SmartMenu supports four search types. Any web site or web app that includes the search criteria in the url after a search can be accessed directly from SmartMenu. The more often you search a line of business web site or knowledge base, the more time you will save by launching the search directly from SmartMenu!.

Add database searches to your SmartMenu that include an unlimited number of 1->M subqueries. Can be used to dynamically populate the users smart menu with links to LOB sites based on alias and primary key.

Automated deployment

Have a set of SmartMenu items used company wide? Designate a MenuSet "Company Standard" and the options will appear at the top of everyones SmartMenu.

Does each department have a specialized set of SmartMenu items they need to access frequently? Publish a seperate MenuSet for each group and designate as the default for each group. Each person has a default group assigned to them. SmartMenu connects the dots to add these SmartMenu items beneath the company menu items.

Looking for a fast way to share project meta data. Create a "Project" menu item and invite people to join this group. Enables knowledge sharing and streamlines access to commonly used resources for that project. Works with most LOB project management web apps.


SmartMenu streamlines repetitive information access processes

Includes integrated database for menuset and knowledge sharing.

All menu item types can be stored: links, notes, checklists, sql scripts for dynamic menu generation, code snippets and even entire menusets.

Use a consistent information access approach across departments or company-wide to minimize training requirements.

Cloud hosted option for HTML5 mobile ready version for company assets accessible from the web.

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