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  • Increase mental leverage using a system synthesized from hundreds of self-help books into practical easy to apply ideas.
  • Learn effective strategies for optimizing mental clarity that will turbocharge your ability to apply the various ideas in the book.
  • Align your learning, creative and information management processes with fundamental principles governing brain/mind interaction.

"Few have shown the commitment and dedication to the brain, to life-long learning, and to the all important and joyful task of educating brains about their brains. The very title of his first and significant book Brain Dancing gives you an immediate insight into the energetic, rhythmical, expressive and playful nature of Patrick's mind. This book is the delight it promises to be, and will take you on magical mystery tours of the most amazing organ in the known universe – Your Brain."

- Tony Buzan, International Best-selling author and inventor of Mind Maps

"Brain Dancing is a diamond. Patrick Magee has completed the arduous job of prospecting, digging, sorting, cutting, and polishing for you. When you apply the concepts and techniques in this gem of a book, your productivity and enjoyment of life will glisten."

– Kirk VandenBerghe, Consultant, Guide, Writer & NLP Trainer

"In this age of rapid technological change, one of the most important intellectual tools to have is the knowledge of *HOW* to learn...For me, one of the wonderful things about this book is the way MindMapping is but one component and technique in a harmonized and co-ordinated system for learning ...which WORKS! The proof I offer is the series of successfully passed MCSE exams I have under my belt. I am a professional violinist with no previous professional computer science training to my MCSE studies...Visit the site, buy the book, digest the ideas contained therein; you will then have learnt HOW to learn...something worth many, many times the price of the book."

– Enrico Alvares, Violinist with Academy of St Martin in the Fields

"Thank you Patrick, for writing such a brilliant book... I have been familiar with Mind Mapping for some years, but your book and website put an entirely new dimension on it for me. Long in search of a way to integrate my interests in this area with work on the PC and the Web, I was delighted to find that you have written an encyclopedia about it! You have applied the best ideas from various systems without getting trapped in the systems themselves... The ideas you have brought together in this original format will definitely boost my productivity and creativity manyfold. Looking forward to more great products from Braindance in the future!"

– William Reed, Columnist, Speaker, Martial Artist, Tokyo, Japan

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