As you interact with increasing amounts of information, the tools and processes used determine whether you are surfing the oceans of data or drowning


Design an intellgent Windows Start Menu that streamlines repetitive access to LOB sites and data.

SmartMenu Enterprise

Create and publish standardized team wide popup menus with integrated SQL Server knowledge base.


Post links/notes to personalized cloud knowledge base accessible by you or your team in the blink of an eye via StartGen or SmartMenu.

Our software is based on ground-breaking research in Brain Dancing

Brain Dancing is a synthesis of great ideas presented in the best self help books of our time, organized into a framework based on fundamental principals governing our brain/mind. Conclusion: use complementary opposite modes of thinking in synergistic ways.

Use high bandwidth self-communication: It's not what the vision is; it's what the vision does. You know you have an empowering vision and are visualizing effectively by the degree to which your actions are moving you towards your desired outcome.

Four key distinctions for maximizing the application of Napoleon Hill's mastermind principle.

Managing the mental dance between left and right brain modes of thinking based on the principle of hemispheric specialization.

Going meta: Traversing the structure of your thinking patterns to optimize the mental software used for high leverage thought processes.

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