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SmartMenu Version History (12/14/2015)
Initial release. Files created with StartGen can be loaded into SmartMenu. Includes redesigned UI to hide complexities for non-technical users. Cloud hosting platform moved from to SmartKb features are included in the 30 day trial. SmartMenu must be licensed for both personal and business use beyond the 30 day trial. (12/16/2015)
Fixed minor bug with autofind search box is displayed.
IconPath was not being loaded. Fixed
Changed the order in which matches are displayed by autofind search box from “StartMenu, Recent Files, SmartKb” to “StartMenu, SmartKb, Recent Files”.
Fixed bugs in 3 sprocs in SmartKB SQL script and one user defined function. (12/17/2015)
Label no longer appears at the bottom of the autofind results
when you press “Alt-Windows” the form for pasting to SmartKB automatically has the focus. (12/17/2015)
When you drag and drop links to folders, the title defaults to the folder name instead of “”
Fixed some minor UI bugs . (12/19/2015)
When you drag and drop links to SmartMenu the target form didn’t receive the focus. Fixed
Made 200th attempt to ensure SmartMenu receives the focus when it is displayed. Fixed (12/20/2015)
201th attempt to ensure SmartMenu receives the focus when it is displayed. Works except when Word is open. Tested with several other apps and SmartMenu receives focus.

1.1 (2/13/2016)
Enterprise features no longer included in the free download.
Fine tuned the UI and fixed several bugs. (2/21/2016)
FIXED Importing xml file replaced existing file
FIXED Still showing free trial message after entering enterprise license key.
FIXED Press enter on edit link dialog was entering a CR/LF which hide link title on tree control
FIXED Do not create project folder if no path specified
FIXED hide project folder option if not path specified (3/3/2016)
Minor changes to Add Project form
Minor changes to Knowledge base post form, Enterprise version only.

1.2 (3/21/2016)

Fixed problem with loading MenuSets over 50k. If your MenuSet won't load, try installing this version and it should load. The MenuSet file itself is fine. (4/12/2016)

Added ability to drag and drop SmartPages from in addition to Makes it easier to share SmartPages with others at different locations.

StartGen Version History (8/15/1998)
StartGen 3.5 was released for generating browser start pages, a password manager, a popup menu application, and a local knowledge base manager. ZDNet rated it 5 stars and gave it their Editors Choice award. (10/5/2015)
StartGen 4.0. Popup menu is now used to access content everywhere. Includes integration with an enterprise knowledge base and the ability to generate mobile browser start pages to This version is free for personal use. License for business use is $5. An enterprise license is required to obtain and use the knowledge base features. (10/6/2015)
removed getting started video link from StartupWizard form because it is top most which was necessary since form has no control box and doesn’t show in task bar. Also added link to getting started video to bottom of first form (10/6/2015)
fixed bug in StartPageUploader, if uri is less than 4 characters (10/7/2015)
Adds link label to SGenSettings for viewing sample search definitions