QuickFind Products

Our QuickFind products are designed to boost an organizations information metabolism via a shared knowledge base stored internally (SmartMenu) or in Azure (blinkIt) for quick access by internal teams (SmartMenu) or external / distributed teams (blinkIt).

StartGen Enterprise


  • For internal authenticated access only
  • All data stored behind firewall
  • Automated menuset delivery
  • Integrated SQL Server database repository hosted on premise or in
  • SQL Server database hosted on premise or in Azure
  • Share items with team or company-wide
  • Integrated knowledge base


Starting at $19/ Year

  • For mobile access via Azure hosted web site or native mobile app
  • All data stored securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Azure hosted RESTful web API's available for customized app development
  • Ask about our Docker container option for more secure isolated storage
  • Share links, code snippets or notes with distributed global teams or publicly


  • Support for IOS 8.3+ and Android devices
  • Native applications load and run quickly
  • Save up to 100 items included in app purchase
  • Save key informaton once, access anywhere
  • File and forget. Find by keyword when needed
  • Highly secure Azure based cloud repository
  • Secure SSL access to cloud data