About BrainDance.com Inc

BrainDance.com Inc was founded by Patrick Magee, author of "Brain Dancing: Work Smarter, Learn Faster". We are is based at Impact HUB Bellevue near Seattle, WA.

Our mission is:

To create innovative productivity and collaboration software that makes your most actionable information conveniently available via keyword search.

About Patrick Magee

Prior to joining Microsoft in 1992 to work on Access 2.0, Magee built a consulting firm designing and implementing database and financial applications for over 200 companies. His clients included Aldus (creators of PageMaker), Boeing New Airplane Development, Boeing Commercial Aircraft, US Bank, The Westin Hotels, Sundstrand Data Control - Instruments Dision (Makers of black boxes used in aircraft), Weyerhaeuser, and The Seattle Yacht Club. Magee worked over 14 years at Microsoft between 1992 and 2009, taking time off only to write and publish "Brain Dancing" and the original versions of StartGen.